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Colourpop eyeshadow review and swatches

I recently bought some of the eyeshadows from colourpop cosmetics to try them out. They are very popular in the youtube beauty community so I though I would check them out. I picked out 13 colors and one of their pre packaged sets. Each eyeshadow is only $5 which is an awesome price. I quickly fell in love!
Here all all of the 17 colors I picked up. As you can see above I ordered mostly neutral colors because they are my favorite!

 The first shadow has a matte finished and is called COP A FEEL
Cop a feel is described on the website as a "cool toned creamy beige."

 The next two shadows below have a pearlized finished. The left shadow is GIRLY and the right is PLUNGE.
Girly is described as a "creamy vanilla with a flash of pink and gold duo chrome finish." It is truly a unique shadow! I love to layer this one over any pink eye shadow. It can be great if you want to take down the brightness of a hot pink and add a touch of shimmer. 
Plunge is described as a "light warm beige with a golden sheen." I like to think of plunge as an everyday, slap on one color and go eyeshadow. 

 Below on the left is EYE CANDY and that shadow has a metallic finish. On the right is I HEART THIS which on the website has no finish but I would say its a mix between a metallic and glitter finish.
Eye candy is described as a "cool toned ethereal lavender drizzle with tons of silver and pink glitter." This color is beautiful on its on on your lid or layered over any lavender purple color. 
I heart this is described as a "cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-colored glitter." This is one of my favorite shadows to layer over any neutral eye look. I like to jump pop a bit in the center of my lid with my finger over any eyeshadow look. When swatching it, it can come off or look a little flakey but it never appears that way on the lid. No fall out from it either when applied with my fingers.

The next few shadows below have a metallic or ultra metallic finish to them. Top row form left to right (TEA PARTY, BUBBLY) Second row from left to right (SEQUIN, BIRTHDAY GIRL, AMAZE) Bottom row from left to right (LA LA-ultra metallic, GAME FACE-ultra metallic, SO QUICHE)

Left (Tea Party) Right (Bubbly)
Tea party is described as "a versatile soft peachy pink with gazillion silver glitters and subtle hints of pale pink glitter." I like to think of this color as a melon type of color. This shadow works best when layered over another shadow. It is pigmented with sparkle but when swatching it, it comes off a bit more sheer. 
Bubbly is described as "a truly angelic pink with tons of silver and bright bubble gum pink glitter." Just a beautiful pink. I love to layer this color over MACs swish eyeshadow, or any soft pink color.

Left (Sequin) Middle (Birthday Girl) Right (Amaze)

Sequin is described as "a copper penny like shade with silver and gold glitter." 
Birthday girl was a free gift with purchase that came with my order for their 1 year anniversary. It is very similar in color to Amaze. It is not available permanently for purchase so I am sorry about that. I am not sure if they will bring it back at all or have it again for another one of their anniversaries.  
Amaze is described as a "metallic rise gold with multi-colored multi-dimensional glitter." This is a pretty popular color, especially in the youtube beauty community. This color is gorgeous layered over ANY neutral shadow. You can wear it on its own but to really make it pop, it works best layered. One of my favorites!

Left (LA LA, ultra metallic) Middle (Game Face, ultra metallic) Right (So Quiche)
 La La is described as "a true rose gold in an ultra metallic finish." Boy is this shadow pigmented! A very gorgeous color that I love to layer under amaze. That combo makes a beautiful rose gold lid! 
Game Face is described as an "intense penny copper with a liquid like ultra-metallic finish." When swatches this color i could not believe the color that came off on my finger! No layering needed with this color, the pigmentation is crazy! 
So Quche is described as "a soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery dup chrome metallic finish." When I read this description online I knew I had to pick that color up and it did not disappoint! The glitter in this shadow is just so beautiful and it stands out so much against the olive brown base color. Also one of my top shadow picks.

 These are the four shadows from where is the lights set. The website describes the set as "a foursome created by the one and only Kathleen Lights perfect for creating her signature look: warm, bronzy gold smokey eyes. You can go bold or subtle with these shades!" If you don't know Kathleen Lights, she is a YouTube beauty guru who makes awesome makeup and beauty videos. You can check out her channel by clicking Here 
 The first color on the left is called GLOW and it is described as a "creamy vanilla." To the right is CORNELIOUS and it is described as a "mid-tone warm caramel." Both of these shadows have a matte finish.
On the left is COCO and that is described as "a bronze sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter." This shadow has a metallic finish. The shadow on the right is the star of the show, KATHLEENLIGHTS and it is described as "A bright golden copper." It has a pearlized finish but it looks more like a ultra metallic finish to me.

Overall thoughts:
  • These shadows are amazing and are different and unique unlike any regular eyeshadow.
  • These shadows have a more damp texture rather then a dry eyeshadow. It is important to make sure after every use that you close the lid tight so they don't dry out. The damp texture helps with the pigmentation as well as helping the glitter to not flake all over the place.
  • They are best applied with your fingers to get the most pigmentation and benefit.
  • If you had to pick only a few I would look for shadows that have a ultra/metallic or pearlized finish.
  • If you had to skip any I would say skip the matte shadows. They were great but I like using matte shadows for blending with a brush and these eyeshadows are hard to work with using a fluffy blending brush (thats just my opinion!)
  • These shadows are BEAUTIFUL for layering, They really make any ordinary eyeshadow pop!
  • Check out their website here and be sure to sign up for their newsletter. You get a code for $5 off your next order. Thats basically a free item!
Check out my youtube video about these shadows for close up video and real time swatching... click this link to check it out!

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  1. I had a hard time deciding between La-La and Sequin so your post really helped me decide which one to buy! Thanks