Monday, August 20, 2012

Battle of the light pink lip glosses

As a part of my little mini series Battle of the... Here is Battle of the Pink Lip glosses! I love lip gloss and I usually stick to the lighter colors, so I decided to pick out my favorite of the light pink colors I have. here they are, it is a mix of high end and low end. I know you can't get some of the colors but I am working on looking for dupes of the popular colors that are gone.

 From left to right (MAC kissable lip color in enchante, smashbox pout, covergirl wetslicks in guava, MAC viva glam gaga, urban decay peroxide, essence me and my ice cream, NARS turkish delight, and elf birthday suite)
They are a mix of different shades of light pink that look awesome on your lips. Each lip gloss formula is a little different but I will talk about each of them below.

enchante, pout, guava, gaga, peroxide, me and my ice cream, turkish delight, birthday suite

1. Mac kissable lip color in enchante ($18 Mac counter). I dont think it is still avaliable but you could always ask at your local counter or check out if there is some in a CCO . The formula is a very pigmented liquid lipstick type of gloss. There is a small sheen to it and it has that nice sweet mac lipgloss smell.

2.Smashbox pout ($18 Sephora). This color is the lightest out of all the glosses. There is no smell to it and I find it sometimes to be a bit of a gritty feeling on my lips. It is not sticky at all.

3.Covergirl wetslicks fruit spritzer in guava ($5.99 Ulta or CVS). This have a very fruity fun smell to it. It feels good on your lips and is not that sticky. It is a little bit of a darker pink but is has shimmer in it to really give your lips that glossy glow.

4. Mac viva glam gaga. I know you cant pick this up any more but I am on the hunt to find a good dupe. This is a very pigmented light pink. To me, it is not that sticky on your lips. It is one of those build-able lip gloss colors.

5. Urban Decay peroxide ($19 Sephora or I love this gloss! It has a cool vanilla mint scent to it and is not sticky on your lips. The color is not too milky which I like. It also has a cooling feeling when you put it on your lips. It is not painful like a plumper, just cooling and refreshing.

6. Essence me & my ice cream. ($2.99 at Ulta) This was a great find for me because it is a very wearable light pink gloss for a good price. I have to say the it was hard to swatch and get good pigmentation but I feel like that was from the applicator they have in it. Once you get a good amount it is a great pink color. Not sticky on the lips. It is supposed to be long lasting but it didn't work that good for me.

7. NARS Turkish delight ($24 Sephora) This is a very popular gloss that is very light. I do not like the plastic smell that NARS lip glosses have but its such a pretty color I can deal with it. It is a true milky pink. The gloss itself is only a little bit sticky.

8. elf birthday suite ($3 This is actually a stain gloss combo. It is very pigmented and it is one of those stain glosses that you put it on and it get matte. You just apply the clear color it comes with and then it looks great.

If you have any questions please comment below!
What are some of your favorite pink lip glosses??

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wisdom teeth out :(

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been busy trying to apply to jobs and yesterday I got my wisdom teeth taken out :( I had to get all four and it was my first experience having a type of surgery. I have to admit I was very very nervous and anxious but I was surprised at myself for how well I did. Normally I pass out when it comes to medical things like getting blood drawn but I was able to not pass out for the removal of my teeth! yay me! All I have been doing since is laying on my couch watching tv and eating soft foods only. I could kill for some real food right now. Chicken broth, jello, yogurt, applesauce, and a frosty from wendys have been all I am able to eat right now. The recovery is not too bad and it definitely feels good to keep ice packs on my face.

I picked up these cute ice packs from target haha. Two spongebob and two disney princess. I have to say they work really good because they are a soft gel that molds to my puffy cheeks. Plus they are so cute, how could something named boo boo buddy not make you feel better?! I am also a huge disney princess fan so when I found them I was so excited!

Anyway, I have decided to start another blog! I am very excited for this one because organizing is another love of mine besides makeup. I am one of those people who is always changing things around to try and find the best organizing solution. I will be posting and sharing my ideas that I fond work best for me. I am very excited to get started and have already thought of some ideas! I have not started yet but my new blog will be

Thanks for reading and don't forget to checkout my new blog once I start!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Influenster summer beauty VoxBox 2012

I was so happy to recieve my first influenster summer beauty VoxBox! There were some great products for summer that came in it. The best part was that it was free!! Anyone can sign up! Head on over to and check it out.

 My box came with five items for summer. The first was hawaiian tropic silk hydration lotion sunscreen. Next few were Sally Hansen nails & Cuticles hand cream, Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish, Quaker banana nut bread soft baked bar, and Always/Tampax radiant sample kit.
 I pretty much ate this as soon as I saw it haha. I love banana nut flavor so I was dying to try it. I warmed it up in the microwave because it says right on the package that its great warmed up. It was so good! I want to go out and pick up a box. Its a great on the go breakfast bar. It has 140 calories per bar which I think is not to bad at all. If your a fan of banana nut I highly suggest going out and picking up some to try!
 I was so excited to see this Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration lotion. I love the brand Hawaiian Tropic for their sun screen and tanning products. I really liked this product because I saw it more as a moisturizer rather then a sun screen. It goes on light and is very moisturizing. I like that the SPF is 30 because I don't like to go any lower then that. I use this product like an every day moisturizer rather then a sunscreen. I absolutely love the smell. It smells like summer to me. A mix of cocoanut, sunscreen and fruit. This is a must have for summer!
 I am always on the lookout for good hand creams. This one is like a bonus for me because I am a nail biter and have horrible cuticles. This is very moisturizing and it good for your hands, cuticles and nails! I love that this is a three in one product. It has shea butter in it which makes leaves your hands feeling very silky smooth. It has a lemon butter scent to it I think. I am not a fan of lemon but I surprisingly don't mind the smell of this cream.
 I was very excited for this nail polish because I have seen and been reading about these magnetic polishes but have not try them out myself. They are so cool! I wasn't sure if it was going to work too well but when I tried it out, it looked pretty awesome. It is so easy to do also! I want to go out and check out some more colors!
The last thing in the VoxBox was this always/tampax radiant sample kit. It comes with a super and regular tampon, a regular infinity pad, a liner and a cute little pouch to keep them all in. I don't know if this is TMI but I will keep it brief haha. I absolutely love the infinity pad. i have been using the infinity kind for a while now and have to say they are a must. I also love the fact that the tampons are resealable now in this radiant line. I suggest picking up some and trying them out.

Hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions please comment below! Have your tried out any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!