Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nail Polish water-marbling tips

After my first experience with water marbling, I decided to write down a few tips and tricks. It looks easy but it can actually be hard. Definetly one of those things that practice makes perfect. It took me a very long time to do all 10 of my nails. On my first try I only had one nail on each hand that worked. I had to redo some nails a few times to make it work. Here is my list of tips for anyone who is going to try out water-marbling for the first time.

1. It can be very messy. Make sure you have something down like an old towel to protect the surface you are working on. Also have a garbage can on hand. (that mess of tape and toothpicks was only from trying it on one hand)

2. Make sure your nail polish spreads when you drop it in the water. If it doesn't spread much like in the picture above then you will have too much nail polish on your nail when you dip it in the water.

3. Here is a pic of what your nail polish should look like when you drop it in the water. Once it drops in, it should spread out and not just remain a dot. This will help make it easier to create a design. I found that using room temperature to warmish water helps with this. (if you use cold water then you nail polish will dry too fast in the water and you won't be able to make a design)

4. For brighter colors, use a white polish as a base so the colors can really be brought out.

      5. I like using tape around my fingers best, some people use vasaline which works also.

6. Make sure your nails are completely dry before you remove the tape, or else it will ruin the design.

7.Work as quickly as you can but take the time to make sure the nail polish spreads in the water.

8. Unscrew the tops of the nail polish bottles so it goes quicker.

9. Use an old bowl or disposable bowl because you will get nail polish on it.

10. Practice makes perfect!

My ideal list of supplies:
disposable bowl
warm water
cotton balls
nail polish remover
white base coat
old towel
Piece of paper to wipe off leftover nail polish on tooth picks

Hope this post helped some of you who want to try water marbling!
good luck!
If you have anymore tips please comment below because I am still working on mastering this myself!



  1. This is something I've been wanting to try forever but have never been able to talk myself in to doing.. I just think about all the mess and the clean up and I'm like.. forget it! The end result it soo pretty, though!

  2. I think the end result turned out great! The white is great to add as a canvas to make the colours stand out more and your colour combo looked amazing!I agree it can be messy and it just come with practise. OPI on Youtube have a video on water marbling too!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, please visit my blog for more details! Laura Xx