Saturday, June 16, 2012

New NYX xtream lip cream

I found these at the NYX display at my local Ulta and I had never seen them before. I had picked up some of the matte lip creams but these are different.

 They are exactly like the matte lip creams except they have a gloss to them.

The three colors I have are candy land, mud peach fuzz, and natural

 They are extremely opaque and pigmented. They also feel amazing on your lips when you wear them.

 Candy land

 Nude peach fuzz


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  1. Love the three colors you chose! I still haven't tried these out.. every time I approach the display at the store I have to tell myself "You don't even use the matte lip creams anymore.. WALK AWAY." I really like the MLC's, but just don't reach for them as much anymore.