Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My favorite blending shadows

One eyeshadow color that I always use not matter what look I am doing is a blending color. I put a little bit of this color on my crease brush and sweep and blend right above my crease color. I always use a light neutral color and here are my favorites!

From left to right (Mac blanc type, Mark whisper, Bobbi Brown bone, Mac pigment in naked, Wet and wild brulee ) 

Without fail no matter what look I choose to wear I always use one of these shadows to highlight and blend the crease! They are great colors for any skin tone. They help to blend any shadow you put in your crease. They all range in price but your best deal is wet and wild, I bought it for $.99! AND I had a coupon! It is a great dupe for Mac's blanc type.

From left to right (Mac naked pigment, Wet and wild brulee, Mac blanc type, Mark whisper, and Bobbi Brown bone)

Mac pigment $20
Wet and wild shadow $.99
Mac shadow $15 in pot $11.50 in pan
Mark shadow $6
Bobbi Brown shadow $21

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!
What are your favorite highlight and blending shadows?



  1. I like this one from wet & wild but I think this brand isn't available here ;/ boo

  2. Great choices! love 'em

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