Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Mac palette organization

I have been collecting Mac shadows for a a while now and have accumulated enough to make some pallets. I started off buying them in the pot form and then choose to switch over to pallets. I like to order them by color and I  base it off the mac website.

 For the labels I just print them name out from my computer and cut and tape it to the palette. The four I have are my blue & purple, pink & gold, neutrals, and smokey.

 For the label on the inside, I take a picture of the palette and up load it to my computer. I put the picture in powerpoint because it is easy to move around. I put a text box over the picture and write in the names. I print it out and tape it in. It took me a few times to get the perfect size. I just save the document and when I change anything around I have to correct size.
Here are my smokey colors. They are the darker colors that I would use in the crease or outer corner.
Top row from left to right (coppering, contrast, bronze, romp, smoke n' diamonds).
Middle row from lest to right (cranberry, empty, wood winked, hand written, gazette gray).
Bottom row from left to right (falling star, club, mulch, twins, carbon).

This is my favorite and most used palette, my neutrals. I use these for all over lid color, highlight, and the inner corner.
Top row form left to right (blac type, naked lunch, rice paper, era, soft brown).
Middle row from left to right (vanilla, hush, femme-fi, empty, haux).
Bottom row from left to right (phloof, grand entrance, all that glitters, empty, swiss chocolate).

Blue & Purple
These are more bright colors that I use when I am going for a night or fun look.
Top row from left to right (humid, shimmer moss, trax, poison pen, digit).
Middle row from left to right (tilt, talent pool, star violet, plum, creme de violet).
Bottom row from left to right (freshwater, empty, lavender sky, stars n' rockets, satellite dreams).

Pink & Gold
I like incorporating pinks and golds into my everyday looks. They add that subtle pop of color if I am feeling like it. Pinks were a couple of my first mac shadows I ever got.
Colors are listed in the picture!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please comment below! It would mean so much to me if you would follow my posts! :)



  1. I LOVE how you have these organized. When I first started buying MAC I also always got the shadow in the big packaging. Now I much prefer to get the pots (although, I can't bring myself to depot my other shadows yet). I find that I use them more if they're in palettes and I don't have to go searching for every color I want to use. I just bought my first MAC palette a week or two ago.. I was being uppity about it and decided that I want my MAC pans in MAC palettes lol. You collection is awesome.. don't even know which palette I like best!

  2. @ WitchHazel thanks so much! Yeah I find that I tend to use my MAC shadows more when they are in a palette rather then the pots. Its so much easier to find colors and I think it also saves space!