Friday, May 25, 2012

MAC Lazy Day dupes!

My all time favorite lipstick color is MAC's Lazy Day which came out with the to the beach collection. It is a limited edition color so I can't get it anymore which stinks! I hope they reprobate it some time but I have tried to find some close dupes.

 MAC Angel, Revlon Primrose, Mac Lazy Day, Revlon Pink Pout, Mac Cream Cup
 All of the swatches of these colors are a nice light bubblegum pink color. The color I found that matches the best is MAC's Angel or Cream Cup. All of the colors are pretty close in matching. The only thing is the finish of MAC's lazy Day is a lustre which makes it very shiny.

Here are the swatches in different lighting. You can really see the finish of Lazy Day in this picture.
All of the colors look very much the same. In the tube, Revlon Primrose looks almost exactly the same. All of these colds are very similar and I suggest if you like MAC's lazy day, you go check out some of them!

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  1. Wow, these colors are all so beautiful. They are very similar to one another.