Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Haul Time!

Haul time!
I have been on a spending diet so it was so exciting to get to go check out some of my favorite beauty stores and see what was new! I have been waiting to go check out the new glitter china glaze collection and I was so happy that I got to pick some up!

 From left to right (optical illusion, polarized, full spectrum, liquid crystal, and prism)

 Next I found some lip products I have been wanting to try. First is Revlon's Primrose lipstick! I have been searching and searching for this color and finally found it at my harmen face values! This color is gorgeous and a good dupe for MAC's lazy day (post coming soon).
 Next to Revlon's primrose is the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip balm stain. I didn't know this was coming out but I decided to try it. My store was sold out of some of the colors that I though I would like but I choose the purple color called darling cherie. Then are some baby lips balms. I know I am very late on these but I have the clear one and hate the smell but love the formula. I choose to try out pink punch and peach kiss. They don't have the same smell as the clear one thank goodness!!
 More nail polish....I just can't help myself Right to left ( china glaze for audrey, essie lights, essie action, and sally hansen ten crush in be- Jewled)

If you have any questions or want any review let me know! You can comment below or e-mail me! :)
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  1. Fun stuff! Way to go on the ChG polishes! That Revlon lip balm stain sounds interesting. How you do a review on it!