Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wearable pop of color look for summer

Wearable pop of color look for summer using the Urban Decay book of Shadows volume VI

 I think you can still pick this pallet up at a Nordstrom Rack if you have one near you. I have seen them for sale there and they might be at any of those discount department stores.

The first step is to prime your eyes with you favorite eye primer. I am using the Urban Decay primer potion in the original formula.

The first color I used was called blue bus and I applied the color to the lower portion of my whole lid. It is okay if it is not blended on the edges.

The next step is to apply a darker brown color to the outer corner. I used the color Lost from the palette.

Next I used a lighter golden color to apply to my crease and upper portion of my crease. I used the color baked in the palette.

 After that I used my last shadow colors by mixing skimp and zephyr and applying them to the brown bone and inner corner.
 Using a thinner brush I applied the blue color on the inner portion of my lash line (make sure to leave some of the white from the inner corner to open your eye up) and then the dark brown color with the same brush to the outer portion of the bottom lash line.

Next you can apply your favorite liner to you upper lash line. I am using loreal carbon black liner intense. The book of shadows comes with a great black liquid liner also. I also lined my water line with MAC's teddy eyeliner. It is a golden dark brown color so it is not as harsh as a black color.

 Apply your favorite mascara. I am using the one that came with the book and that is Urban Decay's supercurl curling mascara.

 It is very important to fill in and shape your brows to complete a look. I used Urban Decay's brow box which I love because it comes with everything you need.

 I applied a nice neural pink blush so it was not too intense. One of my favorite everyday subtle blushes is benefits hervana.

The last step is lips. I used Mac's cream cup and in sync liner. They are a nice neutral pink color that is great to use when you go a bit more bold on your eyes. 

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Comment below and tell me what are your favorite colors to wear for summer!


Friday, May 25, 2012

MAC Lazy Day dupes!

My all time favorite lipstick color is MAC's Lazy Day which came out with the to the beach collection. It is a limited edition color so I can't get it anymore which stinks! I hope they reprobate it some time but I have tried to find some close dupes.

 MAC Angel, Revlon Primrose, Mac Lazy Day, Revlon Pink Pout, Mac Cream Cup
 All of the swatches of these colors are a nice light bubblegum pink color. The color I found that matches the best is MAC's Angel or Cream Cup. All of the colors are pretty close in matching. The only thing is the finish of MAC's lazy Day is a lustre which makes it very shiny.

Here are the swatches in different lighting. You can really see the finish of Lazy Day in this picture.
All of the colors look very much the same. In the tube, Revlon Primrose looks almost exactly the same. All of these colds are very similar and I suggest if you like MAC's lazy day, you go check out some of them!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer 2012 makeup collections

Here are some of the different makeup brands summer collections. I love the summer colors that the collections come out with. They have such beautiful bronzy colors.

Bobbi Brown


 MAC Hey Sailor


 Two Faced



I am really looking forward to checking out the Two Faced, Bobbi Brown, and MAC collections! What collections are you going to check out for the summer.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Battle of the pink lipsticks

I just did a post on battle of the nude lipsticks so I decided to do one on battle of the pinks. Here are some of my favorite pink lipsticks.
From left to right (Maybelline 14 hour lipstick in perpetual peony, MAC Angel, Revlon matte Pink pout, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, MAC Saint Germaine, and NARS Roman Holiday)
I find that these pink lipsticks are more wearable for me. My all time favorite of the bunch is probably MAC Angel, It is a soft pink that is everyday wearable. All of the lipsticks have a shine to them. Even the Revlon Matte I find id not completely matte. It has a slight sheen to it which I think helps it not look so dead on the lips.
The brightest pink of the bunch is MAC Saint Germaine which is the second to last swatch. It is more of a blue pink then the other ones. The two most comparable colors would be MAC angel and Revlon Pink pout. They are very similar colors. The only big difference is their finish but I think Revlon matte pink pout is a great dupe for MAC angle lipstick.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Haul Time!

Haul time!
I have been on a spending diet so it was so exciting to get to go check out some of my favorite beauty stores and see what was new! I have been waiting to go check out the new glitter china glaze collection and I was so happy that I got to pick some up!

 From left to right (optical illusion, polarized, full spectrum, liquid crystal, and prism)

 Next I found some lip products I have been wanting to try. First is Revlon's Primrose lipstick! I have been searching and searching for this color and finally found it at my harmen face values! This color is gorgeous and a good dupe for MAC's lazy day (post coming soon).
 Next to Revlon's primrose is the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip balm stain. I didn't know this was coming out but I decided to try it. My store was sold out of some of the colors that I though I would like but I choose the purple color called darling cherie. Then are some baby lips balms. I know I am very late on these but I have the clear one and hate the smell but love the formula. I choose to try out pink punch and peach kiss. They don't have the same smell as the clear one thank goodness!!
 More nail polish....I just can't help myself Right to left ( china glaze for audrey, essie lights, essie action, and sally hansen ten crush in be- Jewled)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Mac palette organization

I have been collecting Mac shadows for a a while now and have accumulated enough to make some pallets. I started off buying them in the pot form and then choose to switch over to pallets. I like to order them by color and I  base it off the mac website.

 For the labels I just print them name out from my computer and cut and tape it to the palette. The four I have are my blue & purple, pink & gold, neutrals, and smokey.

 For the label on the inside, I take a picture of the palette and up load it to my computer. I put the picture in powerpoint because it is easy to move around. I put a text box over the picture and write in the names. I print it out and tape it in. It took me a few times to get the perfect size. I just save the document and when I change anything around I have to correct size.
Here are my smokey colors. They are the darker colors that I would use in the crease or outer corner.
Top row from left to right (coppering, contrast, bronze, romp, smoke n' diamonds).
Middle row from lest to right (cranberry, empty, wood winked, hand written, gazette gray).
Bottom row from left to right (falling star, club, mulch, twins, carbon).

This is my favorite and most used palette, my neutrals. I use these for all over lid color, highlight, and the inner corner.
Top row form left to right (blac type, naked lunch, rice paper, era, soft brown).
Middle row from left to right (vanilla, hush, femme-fi, empty, haux).
Bottom row from left to right (phloof, grand entrance, all that glitters, empty, swiss chocolate).

Blue & Purple
These are more bright colors that I use when I am going for a night or fun look.
Top row from left to right (humid, shimmer moss, trax, poison pen, digit).
Middle row from left to right (tilt, talent pool, star violet, plum, creme de violet).
Bottom row from left to right (freshwater, empty, lavender sky, stars n' rockets, satellite dreams).

Pink & Gold
I like incorporating pinks and golds into my everyday looks. They add that subtle pop of color if I am feeling like it. Pinks were a couple of my first mac shadows I ever got.
Colors are listed in the picture!

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