Friday, January 20, 2012

Review on recent lip product purchases

Loreal lip balms in pink satin and nourishing nude, a revlon lip butter in cupcake and maybelline superstay lipstick in perpetual peony and their lip stain/gloss in pink plush
swatched in the same order
The maybelline superstay products really stuck to my hand, especially the stain/gloss. I had them swatched for less then 2 minutes and I couldn't wipe them off completely.

Color payoff: The loral balms were very sheer. The revlon lip butter has great color and was very opaque. The maybelline products had great color payoff also.

Scent: The loreal balms have a subtle sweet scent to them, almost like a caramel vanilla. The revlon lip butter has no scent. The maybelline lip products have the signature fruity maaybelline scent to them.


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  2. I love the Revlon Lip Butters. I want more colors but they're always out of the shades that I'm looking for. BTW, you can use baby (or olive) oil to remove color-stay products.. the day I learned that trick was the best day of my life - no more scrubbing til my lips were raw! Lol. Thanks for the great swatches!