Monday, January 16, 2012

First haul of 2012!

Annnnndd....I'm back! I took off from blogging for a while over the holidays and am returning with a haul. I am hoping for the new year I can become a better blogger! I am starting off slow by doing 1-2 posts a week and hopefully that will gradually increase. Here is my recent haul of a few things I picked up at the harmon and ulta.
I heard about all the new exciting products released by a few different brands in the drugstore and wanted to check them out. I picked up some of the Loreal lip balms, a revlon lip butter, revlon nail polishes, a mascara, maybelline super stay lip products and a benefit blush.
Here are the nail polishes I picked up. I went on a hunt looking for Revlon whimsical and came up empty handed at like 5 different places :( I picked up the revlon colors flirt and smoldering. Wet and wild has this new line of nail polishes called megalast. I picked up the color on a trip because it was a very unique periwinkle color. I wanted to get some colors from the nicole by opi kardashian line but when I got to Ulta, there were like 4 left :( luckily there was one of the color i really wanted which is follow me on glitter. Then i decided to pick up some seche viet for a top coat.
From left to right: pink satin, nourishing nude, cupcake, perpetual peony, pink plush
Ta Da!!!! I finally found it at like the 6th place I tried which was a Harmon cosmetics that was like far from my house! I was so happy to find it there because it was like 3 dollars and some change where as at cvs and ulta the same nail polish goes for like 8 bucks!! (Revlon whimsical) 
Just a little side note, I though new year, new me. I am normally packagin junkie and I keep all my boxes in a bin under my bed. I decided to throw them out!!! I kept some, like the mac limited edition boxes because I am going to turn those into a craft project but it feels great to get rid of all those boxes!
Another side note, I am addicted to tiny tower! Its pretty bad how addicted I am to it, have any of you played??? Let me know!

Happy new year!!


  1. great haul! i love the revlon lip butters!

  2. You got lots of awesome stuff! I'm still searching for Whimsical ;\