Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Benefit Hervana blush review

Benefit Hervana blush compared to Benefit throrrob
Hervana is one of Benefits newest boxed blush that they have come out with. It is a soft pink color and can be comparable to thrrrob by Benefit which I'm not sure if they sell anymore.
Hervana comes in the new magnetic boxed packaging and comes with a new brush then the older ones they have had. The old brushes were square and scratchy. The new brush is very soft and has an angle too it.
Hervana is a pinwheel of colors and when mixed together makes a soft pink color.
Here are the two blushes swatted next to each other on my fingers. Thrrrob is more of a blue pink color and  has some flecks of glitter in it. Hervana is a matte lighter cool pink.
When swatted, they both come off as a light pink. On the top is thrrrob which is a more chalky powder. Below is Hervana which is smooth and matte.

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