Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday nails!

So this past Friday was my birthday! I turned 22 years old which seems crazy too me!
 I decided to paint my nails fun and glittery since that is what I love. I was deciding between a light pink base or a light purple and decided to go purple. I loved the way they came out! I used a base color and then two types of glitter polish on top.
 The base color is essie's lilacism and then on top i used OPI's sparktacular and then from the muppets collection rainbow connection. Together the two glitters make a great combo of all different sizes and shapes of glitter.
For my birthday I just had family over and we all had dinner together. It was great to get everyone together and have a great meal chosen by me! :) 

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*Love & Hugs*


  1. Happy belated birthday! This is a perfect birthday mani! ♥

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