Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall nail series 3

Subtle halloween nails

 The base of this polish is just a black color. I didn't want to go too intense so I choose this color from wet and wild because it has small glitters in it. They are like a golden orange color. I applied two coats of this to ensure no streaks.
 For my accent nail I choose a orange glitter because when I think of halloween I think of like orange and black with maybe some green and purple. This particular glitter has golden orate glitters with a few green ones too.
The two colors I used were the Wet and Wild fantasy makers black magic and poi's extra-va-ganza from the holiday collection last year or two years ago. There are a tone of different glitter polishes that you can find form all different brands so all you need it to look for an orange one. I liked this color because it has a few green glitters in there also.

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Happy Halloween!!

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