Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall nail series 3

Subtle halloween nails

 The base of this polish is just a black color. I didn't want to go too intense so I choose this color from wet and wild because it has small glitters in it. They are like a golden orange color. I applied two coats of this to ensure no streaks.
 For my accent nail I choose a orange glitter because when I think of halloween I think of like orange and black with maybe some green and purple. This particular glitter has golden orate glitters with a few green ones too.
The two colors I used were the Wet and Wild fantasy makers black magic and poi's extra-va-ganza from the holiday collection last year or two years ago. There are a tone of different glitter polishes that you can find form all different brands so all you need it to look for an orange one. I liked this color because it has a few green glitters in there also.

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Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Revlon Diamond lust eye shadow

Helloo sparkle. Here are two of Revlons new diamond lust eye shadows in the colors night sky and plum galaxy. They are gorgeous! Night sky is a gray color with tons of fine glitter that sparkles every color imaginable. Plum galaxy is a plum color with more of a pinky silver sparkle to it.
I suggest using a base under these shadows to really get a true color from them. They really did not have much of a fall out when I swatted them which made me really happy because I love sparkle.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall nails series 1

I have decided to post the good fall nail combos I find and wear this season. This is my first combo, Essie's sexy divide and opi mad as a hatter nail polish. I know that mad as a hatter was a limited edition color but there are tons of glitter polishes available right now to go pick up. All you need is a silver glitter with come cooler colors like blue and purple.

The color sexy divide is a deep purple color with a hint of shimmer. I love color and instead of having a neutral color polish for the fall I went for a deep purple

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