Friday, September 2, 2011

Hair Feathers

For the summer I decided to get some hair feather extensions. I wasn't sure if I should get the clip  in kind or  get them put in professionally. My best friend wanted to get them too so we decided to get them put in professionally together. Now I am the kind of girl who loves color! I could not pass up the bright colors for summer and decided to get a hot pink and a hot blue feather put into my hair.
My hair is very long so the feathers do not reach all the way down to the bottom of my hair but i didn't care too much about that. I decided to get them put on the side of my head so I had the choice of hiding them if I needed too. I got them put in in early July and they have been holding up strong this whole summer.

They way they were put in was if I was to get regular hair extensions so they are like bonded to a little group of a few hair strands. I have to be careful when I brush my hair because the comb can get caught about where the feather is bonded to my hair. So far I have not had any problems with them and I love them!

I haven't decided if I am going to take them out or just leave them in until they fall out. The colors are a bit bright for fall so I probably will end up taking them out in a few weeks!
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  3. Very cute! I have teal feathers in my hair and they add such flair!

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  5. I got a piece put in when I went to Orlando Premiere in June. I have, since, purchased the clip in ones. That way, I can change colors if I wish, go without, or do a combo. Either way, I find them to be a fun way to change up how my hair looks.