Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everyday Makeup Storage

I decided to revamp my makeup storage by adding something on top of my vanity that i could put my pencils and everyday makeup in. I didn't want just a cup for my pencils so I looked for something that went all together that I could get. I did my research and found something great. I headed over to one my favorite organization stores (The Container Store) and picked up something perfect for what I wanted.
The container store has these office sets that you can stack and they come in three different sizes. I picked out things from the smallest size because I wanted something that would no take up too much space on my vanity. I picked up two drawers ($8.99) and the top part ($14.99). 
In the top compartment they come with removable dividers which i used to separate my pencils and mascaras. 
The back part which is big I use to put my mac eyeshadow pallets, my urban decay naked pallet, and my mark pallets which I use the most. 
The bottom compartment I put smaller eyeshadow pallets that I like to use for everyday looks and my favorite highlight eyeshadow color.
You can choose from many different inserts to put in the draws which is great. In the top drawer, i bought the 2 compartment drawer insert ($4.99) and put my gel eyeliners.

I also purchased the 2 compartment drawer insert for the bottom and put the products I reach for everyday. It makes it so much easier and quicker when I get ready for the day in the morning.

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  1. Easy and discrete (:
    where u buy your drawer?

  2. wow this looks awesome :) nice blog.. I'm ur new follower :)