Monday, August 29, 2011

Starting up a freelance makeup kit

So I have been taking some classes at my college to get my makeup artistry certification. I decided I was going to start small and build up a kit I can use for practice on people I know. The first thing I did was check out sales for the different makeup companies. I went with NYX because of their huge anniversary sale and ELF because they always have coupon codes to use, not to mention they have great prices for good products.

The next step for me is picking out foundations to use and buying a train case. For now I have this soft pink makeup case that I am using which works fine for now.

 ELF had a 70% off coupon so I picked up most of their blushes, tinted moisturizers, and powder foundations, along with a concealer pallet, setting powder, and face primer. Below I also picked up under eye concealer and brightener.

 On a previous ELF purchase they were selling a set of 12 brushes for $1.50 so I had to take advantage of that. I also picked up mascara wands and lip gloss wands which are essential for a makeup kit.
During NYX's anniversary sale I picked up a lot of lip products. I choose different color lip liners, glosses and lip sticks. All of the products in this case I am going to keep sanitized. This is how I started up my personal freelance makeup kit and if you have any questions feel free to comment below!

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