Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer must haves :)

There are some products that I just cant live without this summer! Here is a list of some great things to have while in the summer sun :)

1. Lip products:
This summer I have been loving my philosophy kiss me lip treatment! I love the vanilla mint smell and it leave my lips so moisturized. It also has SPF 15 which is very important for summer.

For a bit of color and protection I have been loving my Fresh sugar honey lip treatment. This product protects with SPF and also gives you some color.

2. Liquid face makeup

Tinted moisturizer has been my go to product of the summer. It is not to heavy and feels great on my skin. I have two that I have been using this summer and I love them both!
My clinique one is more of a gel based tinted moisturizer which is great.

The philosophy is more like a regular moisturizer but gives you some great color

3. Cheek color
Anything peachy pink for me is my favorite!
I LOVE my NARS orgasm blush, such a beautiful color all year round!
I also love my MAC blush ombre in Ripe peach. I know you can't get it anymore but I do know that este lauder had a blush just like it. I am not sure if they are still selling it, it is called peach nuance.

4. Nail colors
I love this essie color in Pink Parka! It is a beautiful bright hot pink for summer!
I also love this essie color in Fiji! It is a beautiful light pink and it brings out your summer tan.

5. Eye products
Cream shadows for the summer are a must!
I am loving Bobbi Browns long wear cream shadow in orchid! It is a beautiful purple color and it stays on great in the summer heat.
MAC paint pots are great for the summer also. I especially love the color rubinesque.

6. Hair products
I'm all about heat protection for my hair this summer. I prefer my hair long so I try really hard not to fry it with heat. This is favorite heat protecting product for straightening.

I want my hair to look healthy so I use this healing oil on the ends right after I get out of the shower. It leas my hair feeling soft and smooth.

7. Face powder
I love the way MAC mineralized skin finish natural gives me!

I love my guess white watch for summer because It really brings out my tan :)

I love making jewelry and I love sparkle so i have a bunch of these crystal bracelets that i love to wear all together!

9.Tanning products
This is my favorite tanning lotion. It has UVA and UVB protection which is very important to me. It smells great and does not feel too oily on my skin.

After I am out in the sun all day I love to moisturize with my cocoa butter. It smells so good!
Im all about dresses this summer! They come in so many different patterns and styles!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Deal Alert!!!! Benefit Cha Cha Tint!

Ok so I just got back from a little shopping and I stumbled upon this AMAZING deal!! I almost didn't believe it!
Benefit Cha Cha Tint!!!!
 Its part of their famous cheek and lip stain lines and its a new color!
 Can you believe the price!!! I grabbed the last one in my store so i suggest you go check out your local TJMaxx if you have one near you!

Let me know about some amazing deals you spotted while shopping in the comments below!
oops! i think i left it sitting on my hand without blending for too long!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's in my purse! summer edition

Hey everyone! So this is going to be a what's in my purse post for the summer and i am so excited to do it! I love reading and what's in my purse posts/videos! They are just so fun!
This is my bag that I and currently using right now. It's a Coach poppy bag that I got for my birthday last year and I'm pretty sure it came out last summer. It's the perfect bag for me because I love color and I love sparkle! This bag has it all!
 Inside my bag I have a lot of pouches that I keep my things in because I like to stay organized. The rainbow zebra striped pouch holds some makeup and some summer essentials. The makeup case next to it is like my little personal emergency kit. Then i have my wallet, my sunglasses in the case, my keys and then a pouch i keep coupons in.
 This is a quick picture of my emergency kit, i didn't go though it because there is a lot in this case. I can do a separate post if anyone is interested.
 This is what's inside my makeup pouch. I have a few essential items like bronzer powder, hair ties and a mirror. I also have three of my favorite lip glosses (two from revlon and one from elf), eleyliner, perfume, benefit some kind of gorgeous, mascara, lip and lid primer, a nail file, two sunscreen sticks, bug spray and suntan lotion in a bottle.
 This is all the extra stuff I have laying around in my bag, a granola bar, brush, deodorant, hand sanitizer, my mini survival kit for girls, my vitamin case, gum, hair clips, my keys, tissues, and a coin purse that i keep extra cards in.
This is what I have in my outside pocket of my bag. I am a bit of a lip junkie so i have 5 lip products lol and a few pens/pencils. I also keep my phone in that pocket!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions just comment below!
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

June Favorites

Since June marked the first month of summer and hot weather, I went really easy with my makeup this month. There were defiantly a few of the same things I would always grab for during my makeup routine.
Since the sun is getting stronger this month i wanted to make sure i was using product that had SPF in it. For a quick base I would use the clinique moisture sheer tint SPF 15 creme-gel in fair. The colors of this product run a little bit darker because they are used for the summer months.
 On top of the tinted moisturizer I would use the Clinique superbalanced powder makeup SPF 15 in 03 natural. I love the look this combination gives my skin. It feel lightweight on my skin and gives good coverage for me. I also love the packaging on the powder! so cute!
 In the summer months I really like using bronzer. For my everyday quick look i like using the Rimmel mousse bronzer in 001 light glow. It gives me the perfect healthy summer glow that I want. The only thing is there is a smell to this product, its not strong but I cant put my foot on exactly what it smells like...windex???!!! it smells exactly like windex to me haha weird but clean smell.
 The other bronzer I like to use is the Physicians Formula happy mood boosting bronzer. The powder is very versatile that I can use it to achieve a glow or use it as a natural blush. The two products make a great combo also.
 The blush I am absolutly LOVING for the summer is the tarte amazonian clay long-wear blush in dollface! it is the most gorgeous light pink that works beautifully over a bronzer! It lasts all day is a summer must have.

To get some extra coverage on those really sunny days I have been loving the Neutrogena ultra sheer liquid daily sun protection. It has an SPF of 55 and it protects against UVA and UVB rays which is very important in a sun protector. It is so lightweight and it feels like nothing on my skin which I love!

For my eyes in the summer, water proof mascara is essential! I picked up the cover girl lash exact mascara in black and o m g I fell in love! This mascara is amazing! the brush really separates my lashes like woah!
The last favorite for this month is my Revlon lip gloss in peach petal! I'm all about the nude lips this summer and this gloss is very opaque that I can wear it on its own and it gives me great summer nude lips. The formula is amazing on the Revlon super lustrous lip glosses that i highly suggest you go pick some up!

Thanks so much for reading and comment below with any questions!
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Blog Award!

This is so awesome! I was awarded one of the best blog awards from ArianneCruz !! Thanks so much and she has a great blog so you should go check out her page by clicking her name!
Award Rules:

1) Link back to the person that awarded this to you. 
2) Share 7 random things about yourself:
   -I have a bit of an obsession with collecting make up :P
   -I'm completely obsessed with my two dogs
   -I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to organization
   -I love anything with glitter/sparkles
   -I love reading a good book
   -I bite my nails and really want to stop :/
   -I enjoy being active and hanging out with family/friends

3) Award 13 blogs 
 Dreams that glitter
Anges beauty corner
Everyday makeup blog

Lollipop loves
Dolly kirsty
Click and makeup
Lipgloss and flipflops
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Just Jen
A brilliant brunette
Confessions of a glitterholic
Jasmine's beauty obsessions

4) Answer the following questions:

Favorite Color: Pink!
   -Favorite Song: hmm... thats a tough one, I would have to say anything by Taylor Swift!

   -Favorite Dessert: Chocolate covered strawberries!!!
   -What Is Pissing You Off?: hmm...trying to find a job for the summer!! :/
   -When You're Upset, You: Talk to my mother or my boyfriend
   -Your Favorite Pet: My two doggies! Rex and Cody <3
   -Black or White: well my room is black white and pink so i choose both?
   -Biggest Fear: spiders
   -Best Feature: My hazel eyes
   -Everyday Attitude: keep it positive
   -What is perfection?: Organized life!
   -Guilty Pleasure: candyyy

Thanks so much for reading this post! if you see your name in the post please write up your own!