Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review: Loreal one sweep shadow

This is going to be a review on the Loreal One sweep eye shadow pallet. They come in a few different colors based off of eye colors. The color i got was in Playful for all eyes. It is a bronzy golden color and i thought it would be pretty for summer. I have heard on some reviews that this is hard to work with so i played around with it and i think i found a great way to use it.
The eyeshadow is three stripes of three different complimenting colors. It also comes with a weird shaped eyeshadow sponge but it covers the shape of my eye pretty well. Underneath where the sponge goes is a mirror also.

 What i like to do when I apply this shadow is instead of sweeping the colors across my eye, I just press the sponge into the shadow colors and wiggle it so the colors transfer well onto the sponge. I then do the same thing to my eye, press and wiggle with the darker color being closer to my eye lashes and the highlight towards the top. I use both sides of the sponge so that each time i press, the darker color is on the bottom and fits my eye shape.
One thing i found out with this eyeshadow was that in needs a primer underneath it to really get pigmented color. The top swatch is used with urban decay primer potion underneath it and the bottom swatch is just the eyes shadow on its own. If you a going for a softer lighter look you don't need a primer with these shadows.

Here is the finished result. After i press the colors onto my lid with a sponge, I just use a blending brush to make sure the colors blend into each other better. I also add a little bit more of the highlight color because not that much fits onto the sponge. Overall i think this is a great eyeshadow pallet if you use it the right way. The colors are really gorgeous.
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