Friday, June 24, 2011

NYX anniversary sale haul!

So like 3 weeks after I placed my hectic annoying coupon code order for NYX's "anniversary sale" I received my order. I planned on getting much more but i could not get through on the actual day of the sale so i had to email them for a coupon code which was not as good as the sale prices but oh well! I bought all lip products because I am in the beginning stages of putting together my own professional makeup kit and i was new lip products that I could keep and use in a sanitary way. I choose 6 lip glosses, 7 lip sticks and 4 lip liners.

Lip gloss colors left to right: La La, Nude Pink, Beautiful, Gold Pink, Smokey look, and Nude peach
Lip Liner colors left to right: Plush Red, Pose, Dolly Pink, Nude Pink

Lip stick colors from left to right: Chic Red, Gala, Rose, Harmonica, Narcissus, Pure Nude, Tea Rose

I am very happy with my purchase from NYX. The glosses are very pigmented and smell delicious. I love the packaging with the cute bow at the top. If you have any questions comment below, don't forget to follow me and thanks for reading!! :)


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  3. I love NXY products! I love their round lipsticks!! They're so cheap but such great quality!!

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