Sunday, May 15, 2011

NYX soft matte lip creams review

so as I sit here and wait for the NYX 12 year anniversary sale website to work, I figured i would do some blogging. This will be a review on the NYX soft matte lip creams. I own two of the colors and i believe there are about 11, at least thats how many are listed on the Ulta website.
I picked up two of the colors. One in Istanbul (light pink color) and another in Stockholm (natural brown nude color). They are all named after places.
These are incredibly soft and feel really good on your lips. They are very moisturizing and not sticky at all! They smell amazing, like a sweet candy vanilla smell. They are extremely pigmented on swatches and on your lips. I think theses are a great product. They can be very subtle lip colors but you can play it up adding a gloss over them. I like to use a clear gloss over them to really make my lips pop.

 They have doe foot applicators and they glide on smoothly.  I think they are all around great lip products especially because some matte lip colors can be drying. These have moisture to them and do not dry out your lips.
 Comment below and let me know what you think of these if you have tried them or you were waiting for the NYX anniversary sale also! Don't forget to follow me! :)


  1. omg i love your blog do u have a youtube channel i just started blogging you should check out my blog

  2. @Lipgossipgurl! thanks so much! i have an old youtube account but i havent posted any videos in a while, i was thinking about making one that goes with this blog!

  3. Love the pink shade, I'm going to have to try one of these out soon. I'm always cautious of matte lip stuff (even though I LOVE a nice matte finish) because they can be so super drying.

    Can you believe how that sale went down?? I literally wasted an entire 24 hours on it (okay, maybe I slept a LITTLE, but I spent 85% of that 24 hrs in front of my computer REFRESHING!!)!

    Did you receive/use the 50% off code they were giving out? I used mine and am finally getting my goodies tomorrow! Will definitely post pix and swatches ;)

    Love your blog, following you!

  4. @WitchHazel omg i know!!! i did sit in front of my computer and wasted a whole day! And i couldn't even buy anything! I got the 50% off code and used that but it still wasn't as good as the sale prices :( oh welll

  5. these are the exact shades that i'm thinking of buying next, i have antwerp & tokyo already.. :)