Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

So i went to the store to pick up the new sally hansen salon effects nail strips. I picked up three different patterns. The sparkle patter which is called Frock Star, the zebra pattern (wild child) and the flower pattern (girl flower). First i want to say that if you have a Harmon Face Values near you, pick these up from them because they are about 2 to 3 dollars cheeper there then Ulta or any other drug store.

So far i have tried out two of the patterns, the first was the zebra and the second was the sparkle. On my first try, i used a base coat on one of the nails i used and no base coat on the other. I realized that for me the color stays on better without the base coat. I am also a nail biter ( i know, horrible habit, i have been trying forever to stop) so for me my polish typically lasts about 5 days which is the wear i got out of my salon effects. It says on the box up to 10 days but for me that wasn't the case which i didn't mind because i like to change my nail polish color a lot. Overall i am very pleased with these nail polish strips. They are SO easy to put on and you can do it just about anywhere. Each box comes complete with a kit of cuticle stick, strips, and a nail file with three different types of textures. ONe great thing about these for people who have small nails is that sometime you can use one strip for 2 nails. I was able to fit one strip on both of my ring fingers. I personally like using the pattern salon strips for my "accent nails" i have so many nail polishes like i enjoy painting the rest with regular polish.

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  1. I do the same thing!! I love these, they're so fun and something a little different to mix up my manis!