Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amazing Nail Polish rack!! for cheap!

I was looking around The container store and i found this amazing deal! i was looking for a nil polish rack for not too expensive. I was looking in the kitchen section at the spice racks and found this great deal. An expanding rack for only $6.99!!! i can make it as large or as small as i want. it is called the original expand a shelf. There is also a larger one with bigger shelves but i thought that was too big. it seemed like you could fit 3 rows of nail polish on each shelf for the larger one. The original one which i got can fit two rows on each shelf.
I have my shelf on a bookshelf and expanded it to the length i wanted. I even have room to expand it more if i add more nail polishes to my collection! I staggered each nail polish on each rack to make them all fit better! This was probably one of the best finds i have ever found!
 It was on clearance a The Container Store so run out and grab one if you looking for a nail polish rack before they are gone! Its a great storage item!

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