Sunday, February 20, 2011

Revlon Scented Nail Polish

This is going to be a review on the Revlon scented nail polishes. I bought three of their colors. The first is cotton candy, the next is grape icy, and the third is not so blueberry. Cotton candy is a very light pink with a bit of shimmer, not so blueberry is a periwinkle color with a frost and grape icy is an electric purple. This collection has 16 colors in it. The store i bought mine in only had a limited selection of those. They have a great range of colors. Below i have the nail polished swatched. The color pay off is very good. the pink and the blue are two coats and the purple is just one coat.

The big thing about this nail polish is that it is scented. You cant smell the flavor while it is in the bottle but once you apply the polish and it dries the small of nail polish disappears and the flavor comes out. The colors actually smell very good and true to the names. I don't think the smell lasts a very long time on your nails. Maybe about a3 to 4 days to a week. The actual color does last long, i've had the pink color on my toes for a few weeks now and it still looks great. It hasn't chipped yet either.

The brush of the actual nail polish is thin but it is not too hard to work with. The color goes on easy also. Overall i recommend these polishes because i think they are great. They are also great for young girls because they add the fun factor of scent.

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