Sunday, February 20, 2011

Loreal double extend eye illuminator

Hey everyone, this post is going to be on the Loreal double extend eye illuminator. This product comes in four colors. Black Copper for blue eyes, Black Quartz for brown eyes, Black Bronze for green and hazel eyes and Black Crystal for all eyes. I have hazel eyes so the one i reviewed is the Black Bronze. I have to say i LOVE this mascara!! It is so gorgeous. The tube has two sides and there is two steps required for this mascara. First you would use the black side and immediately after before it dries, use the colored side.

The black side of the mascara actually has color too it. This particular color has a tint of green which i am assuming because Black Bronze is for green or hazel eyes.
The illuminating side is kind of like a very very fine glitter. The brush has an odd shape where it is small and thin at the beginning and then it goes out into a ball shape.
The mascara actually does illuminate your lashes. If you like a little sparkle glow on the eyes then this is the perfect mascara for you! it is great and it really does lengthen your lashes while illuminating them! This produce is available at any drugstore or beauty store. The price will be about 8 to 10 dollars depending on where you go.

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