Friday, February 8, 2013

Brand review/comparison Color lipstick balms

This is my comparisons of the different brands of lip butters, balms and gloss balms. I tried out a few different colors from the cover girl gloss balms, Loreal color Riche lip satins, Maybelline color whispers, revlon lip butters, and the Loreal color riche balms. I wanted to see which ones were the best before I picked out more colors I liked.

                                                                  Covergirl Gloss Balms
                                                                Moisturizing             ✓ ✓ 
                                                                Feels great on lips     ✓ ✓ 
                                                                Easy application       ✓ ✓ 
                                                                Long wearing           ✓ ✓       
                                                                Color payoff             ✓ 
                                                                Color variety            ✓ ✓ 
                                                                Shine                        ✓ 
     $6.99 at most drugstores

                                                          Loreal Colour Caresse by Color Riche
                                                                    Moisturizing               ✓ 
                                                                    Feels great on lips      
                                                                    Easy application        ✓ ✓ 
                                                                    Long wearing            ✓ 
                                                                    Color payoff              ✓ 
                                                                    Color variety             
                                                                    Shine                        ✓  
           $9.99 at most drugstores

                                                                 Maybelline Color Whispers
                                                                   Moisturizing            ✓ ✓ 
                                                                   Feels great on lips   ✓ ✓ 
                                                                   Easy application     ✓ ✓ 
                                                                   Long wearing         ✓ 
                                                                   Color payoff           ✓ 
                                                                   Color variety          ✓ ✓ 
                                                                   Shine                     ✓ ✓ 
                                                                     $5.49 at most drugstores

                                                                     Revlon Lip butters
                                                                 Moisturizing              ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Feels great on lips      ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Easy application        ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Long wearing            ✓ 
                                                                 Color payoff              ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Color variety             ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Shine                         ✓ 
                                                                    $6.49 at most drugstores

                                                                 Loreal Color Riche Balm
                                                                 Moisturizing            ✓ ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Feels great on lips   ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Easy application     ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 Long wearing         ✓ 
                                                                 Color payoff           
                                                                 Color variety          
                                                                 Shine                     ✓ ✓ 
                                                                 $7.95 at most drugstores

Overall my top three favorite brands were the Revlon lip butters, maybelline color whispers and the cover girl gloss balms. They really give you great color on your lips and they feel very moisturizing. They also are on the lower costing side of the different balms I compared which is great. 

Rating system: The more checks the better. Three means Amazing, two means good, one means okay.
If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Influenster Beauty Bloggers voxbox 2012

Yay! I received my Beauty Bloggers voxbox from Influenster a few weeks ago! I was so excited because I knew this box was going to have some awesome stuff in it! It arrived in the mail in a plastic bag with it labeled that it was received damaged. The box sounded like there were a million pieced of shattered glass in it and I though uh oh! I carefully opened it to find a mini candle in a million pieces! :(

I love Bath and Body works candles so I was a bit sad but it ok because these things happen! It was a bit tricky to clean up cause some of the pieces were so tiny and managed to get all over my counter somehow! But I cleaned and wiped the wax off of everything and then I was ready to get started trying out my products!

RIP candle :(

 This box came with some awesome goodies! As I am writing this post I am still trying out some of the items so there will be more individual posts coming up!

 The first item is from the haircare brand Goody. They are these amazing spiral metal pieces that replace bobby pins! I have them already and love them! My hair color is dark brown and these are for light brown so I am going to keep them to gig to a friend or put them in a giveaway! They really are awesome. You just twist your hair in a bun and then twist them into the bun on opposite sides. Your bun stays perfectly in tact! They are quick and easy and great to have on you if you want to throw your hair in a nice bun quickly.

 The next item are these Kiss eyelashes which I have not tried yet. It is actually a whole starter kit that comes with the glue. I am going to try a look using them and another product I received in the box. I will do a separate post on that.

 The next product is by Not Your Mothers. and it is a curl defining hair cream. I am excited to try this because I have straight/wavy hair. I recently got it cut and it is layered so it tends to be more wavy now. I will do a separate post on this product to let you know how it works for me!

 This eyeshadow set is by NYC and I plan to play around with it and do a look using this palette and the lashes! I can't wait to try it out! I comes with a primer and illuminator! I will do a separate post and review on my look I come up with!

 These two items are by No7. I have never tried this brand but I have always wanted too. The left one is a cleansing lotion which I have never tried one before. On the right is a night cream. I have been trying them out the past couple of days and I have to say I am very happy with them. I absolutely LOVE the night cream! Its smells amazing and feels great on my skin. I don't like my night creams to be very heavy and I find that this one is perfect for me. It is not too heavy but not too light. Once I run out of the night cream I am using I think I might have to pick this one up! The cleansing lotion is a new concept for me. The directions say to put it on and then wipe it off. I have tried it a few times and it does feel really nice on my skin. It is almost like a gel lotion that doesn't absorb. you wipe it off and it just cleans and refreshes your skin. I think it would be great to keep in your purse or for travel. you don't need water with it which is pretty cool.

 This little product id called E Boost and it is supposed to be one of those powders you just add to water. It give you energy and immunity. I have not tried it yet but I will add my review to another post once I get the chance to try it out!

Lastly would have been my candle but obviously it broke :( I did get a great coupon thought! I love love love bath and body works candles! The fall scents are my favorite!! Leaves is a must, Autumn, Autumn day, farm stand apple, and marshmallow fireside are staple fall scents for me!! Go check them out!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Deal alert at Sephora!

While in Sephora one day I came across this neat little package. It comes with a bunch of full sized items. I am always on the hunt for the best deal I can find and I could not pass up this one! $45 for 9 items and a neat bag! Some of the items are even full sized!

Here is what it looks like online and in the store. It comes with the products in the bag and a sleeve  over the bag with the picture.

 The bag it comes in is very pretty! It can be used as a makeup bag or even an evening clutch! It is not too small but not too big and it is a good quality bag.

 In the bag it comes with a Nars Body Glow, A sephora by OPI nail polish in looks like rain dear, A bare minerals eye color in good fortune, Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara in Black, Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre Gold, Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color - Wet/Dry in Black Karat, Bare Escentuals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Trail Blazer, Stila Duo Shimmer Powder in Kitten, and a Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Starfish

I am going to test out some of the products and do another blog post about it! Let me know if there is anything you would like to see!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Beauty gift guide holiday collections 2012

Hello my lovelies! Its been WAY too long! Just a little update on me. Sorry I havent been posting in a few months. I starts my full time student teaching and boy does that take up all my time! I am busy working with my little first graders and I love it! For those of you lovely ladies who have full time jobs and keep up a blog, props to you because it is tough to do!

I am off from school today due to hurricane Sandy :( so I have time to blog a bit. I put together this post of all of the holiday collections and palettes that are available to purchase for gifts. There are quite a few of them that I have on my list :). I mean I really want them all though!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay has a few sets and palettes out that look pretty awesome. The big palette is called the Vice palette and then they have a few smaller palettes and gift sets. You can check out the Feminine Dangerous and Fun Palettes which retails for $36. Check out The vice palette which I have on my list. Is retails for $59 and comes with 20 eyeshadow colors! I absolutely love Urban Decay shadows and liners! They are one of the best!


The tarte holiday collections are to die for! They always come out with some awesome gift sets! I really want the The big thrill box set which is on the left. It is an awesome deal! It is sold exclusively at Ulta and is only $48! You can also check out their fantastic foursome 4 piece amazonian clay 12 hour blush enthusiast set if you have not tried them yet. They are awesome and its a great deal to get 4 of them for $35.

Sephora just came out with their Disney Cinderella collection. Let me just say I want it all! There is a palette for $55, Listick set for $25, and a nail polish set for $24.50. There is also a perfume and a smaller palette. You can check out the whole collection at Sephora.

NARS came out with their Andy Warhole collection with some very unique palettes. I love NARS products and they make great gifts! They can be a bit on the pricy side for me. You can check out the collection at Sephora.

 Bare minerals
Now that Bare Minerals have their new ready collection I am in love! I want all of their new palettes! Their shadows are SO pigmented and gorgeous! The bottom palette is called the Fired Up palette which retails for $54. Check them out at Bare Escentuals If your looking for the Palette at the top right you check it out at

 Smashbox has some great palettes out. They always give you a ton of colors to work with. The palette at the left is the Studio eye pop palette which retails for $49. The palette on the left is the Studio pop ultimate palette which retails for $59.

 Stila has a nice holiday collection out. The palette on the left is the Snow angel palette which retails for $39. You can check out all of the items in the collection at

Lorac has a set of palettes called the eye candy full face collection which  is a set of 6 different palettes. 4 are eye shadow palettes, 1 is a cream eyeliner palette and the last one is a lip and cheek cream palette. This retails for $59.
 Benefit has a lot of great sets that come with a bunch of different products. You can try out all of their new lip glosses in this high flying lip gloss set that retails for $26. They also have a great set that has a bunch of different products for you to try out. It would make a great gift for someone who is not familiar with the brand. Its called the Sexy little stowaways and it retails for $34.

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier has a neat little essentials palette called the glamour wardrobe dual decker palette. Its on the pricy side retailing for $98 but its a great brand of makeup. It is a very nice gift to give to someone who is starting to get into makeup.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown has some really nice palettes and sets out for the holidays. The ones I have my eye on are the uber nude lip and eye palette. Its a neat palette that comes with three eyeshadows and three lip colors including a gloss. There is also a smokey palette like this. They retail for $30. Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite makeup brands. If I could, I would put all of her holiday sets on my list of things to buy this year!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Battle of the light pink lip glosses

As a part of my little mini series Battle of the... Here is Battle of the Pink Lip glosses! I love lip gloss and I usually stick to the lighter colors, so I decided to pick out my favorite of the light pink colors I have. here they are, it is a mix of high end and low end. I know you can't get some of the colors but I am working on looking for dupes of the popular colors that are gone.

 From left to right (MAC kissable lip color in enchante, smashbox pout, covergirl wetslicks in guava, MAC viva glam gaga, urban decay peroxide, essence me and my ice cream, NARS turkish delight, and elf birthday suite)
They are a mix of different shades of light pink that look awesome on your lips. Each lip gloss formula is a little different but I will talk about each of them below.

enchante, pout, guava, gaga, peroxide, me and my ice cream, turkish delight, birthday suite

1. Mac kissable lip color in enchante ($18 Mac counter). I dont think it is still avaliable but you could always ask at your local counter or check out if there is some in a CCO . The formula is a very pigmented liquid lipstick type of gloss. There is a small sheen to it and it has that nice sweet mac lipgloss smell.

2.Smashbox pout ($18 Sephora). This color is the lightest out of all the glosses. There is no smell to it and I find it sometimes to be a bit of a gritty feeling on my lips. It is not sticky at all.

3.Covergirl wetslicks fruit spritzer in guava ($5.99 Ulta or CVS). This have a very fruity fun smell to it. It feels good on your lips and is not that sticky. It is a little bit of a darker pink but is has shimmer in it to really give your lips that glossy glow.

4. Mac viva glam gaga. I know you cant pick this up any more but I am on the hunt to find a good dupe. This is a very pigmented light pink. To me, it is not that sticky on your lips. It is one of those build-able lip gloss colors.

5. Urban Decay peroxide ($19 Sephora or I love this gloss! It has a cool vanilla mint scent to it and is not sticky on your lips. The color is not too milky which I like. It also has a cooling feeling when you put it on your lips. It is not painful like a plumper, just cooling and refreshing.

6. Essence me & my ice cream. ($2.99 at Ulta) This was a great find for me because it is a very wearable light pink gloss for a good price. I have to say the it was hard to swatch and get good pigmentation but I feel like that was from the applicator they have in it. Once you get a good amount it is a great pink color. Not sticky on the lips. It is supposed to be long lasting but it didn't work that good for me.

7. NARS Turkish delight ($24 Sephora) This is a very popular gloss that is very light. I do not like the plastic smell that NARS lip glosses have but its such a pretty color I can deal with it. It is a true milky pink. The gloss itself is only a little bit sticky.

8. elf birthday suite ($3 This is actually a stain gloss combo. It is very pigmented and it is one of those stain glosses that you put it on and it get matte. You just apply the clear color it comes with and then it looks great.

If you have any questions please comment below!
What are some of your favorite pink lip glosses??

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wisdom teeth out :(

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been busy trying to apply to jobs and yesterday I got my wisdom teeth taken out :( I had to get all four and it was my first experience having a type of surgery. I have to admit I was very very nervous and anxious but I was surprised at myself for how well I did. Normally I pass out when it comes to medical things like getting blood drawn but I was able to not pass out for the removal of my teeth! yay me! All I have been doing since is laying on my couch watching tv and eating soft foods only. I could kill for some real food right now. Chicken broth, jello, yogurt, applesauce, and a frosty from wendys have been all I am able to eat right now. The recovery is not too bad and it definitely feels good to keep ice packs on my face.

I picked up these cute ice packs from target haha. Two spongebob and two disney princess. I have to say they work really good because they are a soft gel that molds to my puffy cheeks. Plus they are so cute, how could something named boo boo buddy not make you feel better?! I am also a huge disney princess fan so when I found them I was so excited!

Anyway, I have decided to start another blog! I am very excited for this one because organizing is another love of mine besides makeup. I am one of those people who is always changing things around to try and find the best organizing solution. I will be posting and sharing my ideas that I fond work best for me. I am very excited to get started and have already thought of some ideas! I have not started yet but my new blog will be

Thanks for reading and don't forget to checkout my new blog once I start!